I’m a Full-Stack
UX Designer

With a passion for blending traditional design techniques and user-centered design methodologies. My greatest strength lies in the diversity of experiences, projects, and people I've had the privilege to work with.

With over 10 years of experience in creating user-centered designs for top tech companies like Microsoft, Mozilla, and Xbox, I have a proven track record of improving user engagement and retention through innovative design solutions. If you have a project, please reach out to discuss how we can make it exceptional together.


What sets
me apart?

What sets me apart is my ability to create easy-to-use, visually compelling experiences that reflect the values of the product and organization. I excel in reducing complexity and enhancing user engagement through thoughtful and strategic design solutions.


Product Design Experience

I’ve had the opportunity to work on both web and native experiences. My most significant product design experience comes from my time at Xbox, where I worked on SmartGlass, Xbox on Windows, and Xbox One My Games & Apps. I’ve also engaged with startups, iterating quickly to develop MVPs and validate them with customers and the market. I enjoy a holistic approach and relish the process of building something end-to-end.


Design process

My design process starts with asking good questions and talking to everyone involved. Understanding the problem space, challenges, opportunities, and threats is crucial. I engage with various stakeholders early on, conducting thorough research to gather insights. This involves taking extensive notes, sketches, and capturing the essence of the project. Sharing this information helps align the team and lays a strong foundation for ideation. From here, we begin to draw, use FigJam, and ideate potential solutions, ensuring that the fidelity of the design matches our thinking.

I employ various prototyping techniques, primarily relying on Figma. Within Figma, I integrate animated GIFs, MP4s, and editing features to weave a narrative. For technical prototypes aimed at customers, Figma suffices, although I also utilize responsive HTML/CSS pages or a development server when necessary. One valuable lesson I've learned is that in prototyping, asking 'How' requires greater fidelity, while asking 'Why' necessitates less.

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