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I've worked with top global brands

I've had the privilege of working with renowned brands across the globe.

Celebrating your browser history

What if your browser history was something to celebrate? Not something you clear?

The Crusades


All I ever wanted was a Christian vacation...

I'm a full-stack UX designer

My strength as a designer lies in the variety of projects, techniques, and people I’ve worked with. From sketching and color theory to interaction and user experience design. I enjoy taking on new projects. Set up a 15-min introduction or a 30-min project discussion.

I'm an intuitive user expereince designer: my natural tendency is to reduce complexity down to it's simplest elements. Sometimes, what is not present is more important than what is. I craft visually compelling, easy to understand expereinces and interfaces. Your brand is a promise and UX is the delivery mechanism to fulfill that promise.

Why work with me?

John listens and understands his clients - and that makes him stand head and shoulders above the many freelance graphic and web designers. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions, adds insightful suggestions and then captures the essence of your vision in his designs. We will continue to have John on our team - not just because of his talent, but also because he is a joy to be around.

John is an account person's dream- he consistently delivers great creative and brings strategic insight to each project he works on. I highly recommend John's work. He is an asset to any team and I look forward to working with him again.

It was a pleasure working with John at Microsoft. He is a brilliant visual designer and was very knowledgeable with a variety of design tools. He was always willing to teach 3D and motion graphics techniques and provide feedback whenever needed.

Featured Project

Mozilla Flowstate

We’re long overdue for a better way to use the internet. A web browser built for today’s context wouldn’t be a browser. Flowstate believed that the right tools, organized in the right way, can help you feel better while using it. Read more

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